Why Choose Us?

  • Our team is comprised of scientists from multiple different backgrounds.
  • We work from professional offices which enables us to collaborate and support each other, all of us benefiting from each other’s areas of expertise.
  • Pioneers in e-records:
    • Investigating claim/documents/reports quicker.
    • Free sharing.
    • Bundle can be updated without needing to return original paperwork with further disclosure.
    • No risk of records getting lost.
    • Maintaining integrity.
  • Quick turn around time.  We aim to return the sorted, paginated and indexed medical records bundle plus any other documentation you have requested e.g. chronology, within 14 days unless otherwise advised.
  • Identify strengths and weakness of cases – forewarned is forearmed!
  • Identification to support quantum as well as liability and causation.
  • Identify alternative explanations and other contributory factors.
  • Happy to work with you to find a solution to the challenges fixed fees are presenting.