Medicolegal Scientist

Sort bundles of medical records according to a protocol, paginate and prepare a detailed index. ¬†Thereafter prepare a detailed Chronological resume of the relevant medical history, focusing on the time frame in which the alleged incident of negligence or accident occurred then document the claimant’s current health and welfare: generally provide details to enable an expert to assess the merits of the case.

*Must be educated to degree level in a human science based subject.

*Must have an enquiring mind, an interest in investigation and a willingness to continue learning.

*Must have excellent report writing skills with attention to detail and accuracy.

*Must take pride in presentation.

*Must be a good team player.

*Must be able to work autonomously and use initiative.

*Must have good computer literacy skills.

*Must have integrity and respect confidentiality as dealing with confidential/sensitive documents.

*Must have a record of good time keeping.

*Ideally have a minimum of two to three years clinical experience and/or experience of working in a professional office.

*Ideally be confident and approachable with have good networking and conversation skills (for exhibitions, conferences, dinners).


Please send a CV along with a covering letter to